It is a platform that shows content from other sources.

Based on the parameters inserted by travelers in their request for availability (dates, routes) a search is launched on pages of different consolidators of plane tickets and accommodation services.

The sale of these products, however, is not made by aggregators, but by consolidators. Using aggregators implies saving a lot of time when searching for data as aggregators simultaneously do the same search on several consolidators.

Complete this short form to download the Complete Guide of Booking Engine for tourism intermediaries:

Booking Engine guide

The Complete Guide of Booking Engine for tourism intermediaries will explain:

  1. How to approach the decision making process, and the steps to selecting the right technology partner
  2. The critical role a Booking Engine will have on the current and future success of your business.
  3. The key differences between the different reservation systems
  4. What a successful solution implementation looks like, and how to get your entire team on the same page.
  5. Functions that your Booking Engine software should offer.

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