Dynamic Packages are consolidated as sales drivers for agencies and tour operators

Paquetes vacacionales

The future of online travel agencies

Several years ago, the market warned: the future of online travel agencies (OTA) depended, among other factors, on a conversion that would happen through its adaptation to the sale of products of greater profitability than the plane ticket.

On the other hand, the requirement of consumers is increasing, and they mark the conditions for their needs to be met.

Internet and the tourism industry

In the tourism sector, the traveler is more than ever the protagonist. Technology has been giving it more and more information and, therefore, greater choice. Among other advantages, Technology has transferred power to the user to decide, among thousands of suppliers, those that best suit their preferences to make their trip. For this reason, Tourism is one sector that has been more transformed by the Internet; All the possibilities offered by the network to improve the shopping experience have been key in its momentum. Among these possibilities, dynamic packages stand out.

The tourist distribution model evolves: more and more customers prefer to make their trip to measure, choosing each product to their liking.

Although the modality of conventional packages will not disappear and they continue to be sold, a tool like dynamic packages was lacking, which gives the customer the power to define the conditions of their purchase.

The client decides their vacation package

From the customer’s point of view, dynamic packages provide flexibility to travelers, who can freely choose the products that will make up their tour package (see post).

From an industry perspective, dynamic packages are a means to improve the competitiveness, productivity and profitability of their agencies. One of the great advantages of offering the possibility of combining different products through the dynamic package is to ensure the sale of all the products that make up the trip, which is known as the One-Stop Shop: the integration in the value chain, including all products and services, it allows companies with a booking engine that has this functionality to have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Complete dynamic packages via Webservice

If, in addition to our own products, products from external suppliers are offered via WebService, it is offered the possibility of concentrating purchases over a wide catalog of products in a single point of sale. With endless possibilities at your fingertips, the client has the freedom to build their own ideal tourist packages, without impositions, thanks to tourism technology.

The advantages are not only for customers: the OTA or tour operator, thanks to Dynamic Packages tools, can control and optimize the margins to increase their profit, combining their own and external product via XML to sell through a secure payment gateway.

For the traveler, there is a big difference between the purchase of a package through an OTA or tour operator and the construction of a trip buying their loose parts online: in the first case, it has a guarantee of quality, safety and service that It can only offer you a tourist company. In the second case, if one of the pieces of the trip is loose (ticket, accommodation, excursion at destination, transfer, tickets or tickets …) the traveler can see his total investment in the trip compromised.

The customer demands customization and dynamic packages are a tool for them to do so freely.

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