How an online distribution platform can increase the efficiency of your company

Whatever your offer of tourism product (hotel nights, car rental, excursions, activities at destination, flights …), your business will benefit greatly by implementing an online distribution and booking solution.

Let’s see the advantages that the implementation of a Booking Engine would bring to your company:

Your business will be open 24/7

Travellers who decide to rent a car or book a room, an excursion or an activity, do not want to wait until you are in the office to help them. They are looking for an immediate response and confirmation. The use of an online Booking Engine means that your company will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is an easy way to satisfy the customer from the beginning of your relationship.

You can reduce no-shows

Customers who have already booked and paid for their booking are more likely to show up, resulting in fewer no-show cases. If a customer cancels, their booking will be released, leaving the corresponding item immediately available and allowing somebody else to book it.

Faster and easier payments

With an online booking system, anything related to safe online payment methods is solved. The use of secure payment gateways with data encryption builds trust in customers. In case you are B2B, you can also apply different conditions to your customers with net or commissionable prices. There are also Booking Engines that offer multi-currency modules, which enable operations with different currencies without requiring a sales channel for each currency.

Hang up the phone

Online booking minimises the dropout rate of potential customers, because bookings and information are always available online. Customers who must call the company to make a booking lose patience if they are assisted by answering machines, subjected to awful hold music or must resign themselves to their calls being returned. All these time wasters become missed business opportunities.

Automation of routine work

You will no longer have to process and track bookings manually. Booking Engine systems automatically receive both the booking depending on the availability, and all the required customer information. Also, they send the guests automatic e-mails to confirm the booking and booking reminders. Finally, to help save time, such systems enable checking availability quickly and easily, and so, responding immediately to customer inquiries.

Upselling opportunities

The solution offers the possibility of including additional services or products during the online booking process and payment. This way, you get additional income while showing your customers the excellence of your complementary offer.

Data collection for Business Intelligence

There are travel technology solutions that systematically analyse the data they collect, in order to help the user make the right business decisions, based on real and accurate information. These reports will enable you to streamline your offers and processes, help with resource planning, as well as compare periods of time, different products from different suppliers, sales behaviour of your customers and visualise different comparative data thanks to graphs.

Are you ready to take the leap to an efficient business management model? If yes, you should only decide which the optimal tourism distribution technology solution for your business is.

Complete this short form to download the Complete Guide of Booking Engine for tourism intermediaries:

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The Complete Guide of Booking Engine for tourism intermediaries will explain:

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  3. The key differences between the different reservation systems
  4. What a successful solution implementation looks like, and how to get your entire team on the same page.
  5. Functions that your Booking Engine software should offer.

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